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July 26th, 2005 at 1:48pm]

This community is for any of your laguna beach music needs.

However it is MEMBERS ONLY.
all posts must be friends only.

I'm currently looking for several other mods to help with this community so feel free to reply to this post if you would like to help out.

All posts will be moderated - so if they don't show up right away that's why. I'd like to keep this community STRICTLY about laguna music, and not anything else. This way we can also make sure all posts are friends only. It also prevents repeat posts.

All posts will also be filed in the memories by episode. That way, if you have a question about which song is playing when, you can look it up there first to avoid repeat posts.

Any questions should be asked on this post.

edit: who knew people could be bitches in a music community? if you're a bitch, you get one warning and your banned. that's it. i don't have time for it, sorry =)

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